Position title: Driver
Location(s): P.K Main Office
Reporting line(s) and networks: ·         Primary reporting line will be to: Admin &HR Manager

·         Regular liaison will be required with: other team members, Other departments other driver in each department

Purpose of position: The Driver is responsible for driving and to maintain P.K’s cars.  He will write the report and all records in vehicle log book to follow up all cars event.
Major challenges facing this position: The Driver will respect to work Over Time as requested and join once time a month with all staff meeting and regular meeting with administration team meeting
  1. Main Duties:
Accountability: Specific Activities:
Driving duty ·Respect to the policy of driving every time while driving

*Respect the traffic rule for safety in driving.

*Respect the booking from Admin to schedule for driving to each department.

*Report every day in the car log book to follow up and maintain the mileage.

* Make sure that the car has been check properly every time about the water, oil, gasoline, and the machine before run out.

Vehicle repair & Maintenance *Every day check P.K‘s vehicle at main office, and make sure that the car are clean every time.

*Make sure that P.K’s vehicle are properly maintain and have record in vehicle’s log book.

*Report of detect malfunction of P.K’s vehicle and follow up to repair and maintain.

*Contact to the provider of the garage and control with them when P.K’s vehicle have problem and check follow up with them.

*Keep all report and record of P.K’s vehicle as document for Main Office.

*Access with the insurance company while accident occur

Procurement  *Other duty as request through Admin &HR manager
  1. Personal Profile Required:
Experience Minimum 2 years experience in Driving in previous work experience with Company or related field.
Education & Training High school graduated

Qualification in Driving licence

Skills Driving, Car Maintenance, Car repair
Personal Qualities

(Include things like honesty/integrity, work commitment, hardworking, flexibility, work transparency, Serving heart to work with rural communities


–          Commitment to P.K’s Value Vision and Mission

–          Compassionate

–          Patient

–          Honestly/Integrity

–          Commit to work hard

–          Service to all clients (confidentiality)

–          Willing to help and support other