Market has recognized the increasing use of light block due to its advantages with modern production and in response to modern construction sector which has materials and tools to be able to save time in construction with strength, beauty, cost saving and workforce  reduction

1. Customer group is the target of our company. Customer group is divided into three big groups. General private group is a customer who buys company product  for their own construction project such as, apartment, condominium, office building for contractor and general customers.

2. Civil servant group refers to the customer that has contract  with state’s construction project such as, hospital and school.

3. Dealer Group refers to customer group that sell company product and company is very pleased to have those as important parts of the company with the policy of maintaining the connection with customers and keep product standard for  our customers with regular service and safety, quality trust and increase the confidence for customers.

Company values the importance of transportation and technical service

Transportation Service:

Currently, the factory has four 6-wheel vehicles for transportation (one vehicle can load up to 14.4 cubic meters) and 6 trailers (one trailer vehicle can load up to 28.8 cubic meters) equipped with GPS system so as to control and track the location of the vehicles for a timely delivery.

Our Customers


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