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PK Light Block was established in 2015 and officially started operation in 2016. Covering an area of roughly 25,000 square meters, the factory is located on St. Tum Nub Kob Srov, Sangkat Kaok Roka, Khan Preaek Pnov. Traditionally, red bricks were used in the construction of buildings and apartments, but due to the limiting factors of the bricks, including heavy weight, fragility, low fire-resistant, heat transfer as well as heat absorption, which is not suitable for the weather in Cambodia, a hot and wet country, and most importantly short-term and costly. Due to this, one of the many emerging innovative ideas for developing construction materials to replace red bricks is high quality AAC blocks. For the above reasons, PK Light Block has built a factory to introduce AAC Block in Cambodia by using modern technology and production management system.

The qualities and advantages of PK light block are:

  • Energy saving and can withstand fire up to four hours and does not contain heat in itself
  • Light weight and is able to reduce the foundation load of the structure translating into cost saving.
  • Easy to work with as the dimensions of the blocks are accurate, resulting to faster brick laying and reduced use of cement and plaster.
  • High heat resistance, up to 1,100 Celsius without catching fire.
  • Reduce noise transfer through opposite sides of the walls.
  • Non-toxic, high longevity, high compressive strength, and able to withstand bad weather.

Our factory value the importance of transportation services. Currently, the factory has four 6-wheel vehicles for transportation (one vehicle can load up to 14.4 cubic meters) and 6 trailers (one trailer vehicle can load up to 28.8 cubic meters) equipped with GPS system so as to control and track the location of the vehicles for a timely delivery.

The installation method for PK light blocks is different from regular red brick; red brick uses cement mixed with sand for mortar with a thickness of up to 1 cm. Whereas, PK light block does not require sand, only water is added with cement as mortar with a thickness of only 3mm.

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