The Method of Block Installation

  1. Brush all the dust off the floor with a broom to ensure clean surface before using mortar to lay the blocks.
  2. Use normal mortar to lay on the floor with thickness of 20mm to 50mm.
  3. To mix TPI 310 mortar, first add the mortar and water into a container and stir it with a motorized mixer.
  4. Scoop up the mortar about 2mm to 3mm in depth with mortar notched trowel.
  5. Apply TPI 310 mortar along the sides of P.K light blocks and floor using the mortar notched trowel and lay P.K light blocks on the levelled normal mortar.
  6. Use rubber mullet and spirit level to ensure equal height of both length and width of the block, after that apply TPI 310 and maintain the same level for the on-going blocks on top.
  7. In the second row, P.K light block must be installed to overlap at least 15 cm.
  8. Use handsaw to cut P.K light block into any size you want.
  9. In every two rows of P.K light blocks, use steel wire to attach to the column or pillar. (Steel wire should be 6mm thick and 25cm in length).
  10. Continue to install accordingly by following the points 4 to 8 until the beam of the upper floor.

 Keep the gap of 20 to 30mm between the top of the block and the bottom of beam or slab, then fill the gap with normal cement.

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