1. Position Summary:
Position title:  Sales and Marketing officers:
Location(s): P.K Office/ Kob Srov’s Headquarter




Reporting line(s) and  team work

·         Report writing to Sales and Marketing Manager and CC to Area sale Manager, National Sales Manager (NSM).

·         Sales and Marketing officer has to working closely with relevant  department  as bellow:

·         Operation department

·         HR & Admin department

·          Sales , Marketing and , Design department

·         Stock and Logistic Department

·         Finance Department

·         Laboratory  department

·         Engineering department

·         Mechanic department

·         Shipping department

·          And IT department

·         And Purchasing Department

Purpose of position: ·         Sales and Marketing officer must clear about scope of work in which marketing manager providing.

·         Sales and Marketing officer must be clearly about AAC key account and Marketing channel.

·         Sales and Marketing officer has to respond all product of P.K to spread information form P.K light block to working closely with customer.

·         Sales and Marketing officer should understand clearly about all event of marketing and promotion campaign.

·         Sales and Marketing officer has to give some new idea to marketing manager or team work to improving P.K light block business operation.

·         To accelerate company’s product to running smooth all market view of K.P light block

·         Launch new product in to new marketing and promote company product to all target customer understand about company’s product portfolio, company’s objective, mission, vision, and core value.

·         Research brief all market competitor and implement on market survey.

·          To push marketing campaign in which marketing department providing.

·          To build up company brand image to target customer

·         Bring best an advantage of AAC’s product from P.K light block tell to all contractor and builder.

·         Implement promotion campaign in order to appropriate with need and demand of customer’s perception.




Major challenges and facing this position:

·         Sales and Marketing officer has to implement all task, guideline and framework in which Marketing department offer to.

·         Arrange all company’s event programme with sales, and design teams.

·         Do  personal domo to all contractor to change their mind from using red brick to using autoclave aerate concrete (AAC) product

·         Design marketing promotion framework and facilitate with seminar, road show, trade fair, conference programme providing to business owner in local and overseas.

·         Consolidate  marketing  report  from competitor and survey marketing insight about customer  satisfaction measurement ( CSM)

·           Find out and working closely with all dealers such as retailer, wholesaler, and giant business partner in local and overseas.

  1. Main Duties:
Accountability: Specific Activities: Marketing insight, sales &Promotion and launch new product in to new market.




Marketing activities

·         Understanding  about marketing concept

·         Understanding about POSM’s concept

·         Understanding  about costumer perception and context of retail and wholesale ( Contractor, builder, real-estate sector perception).

·         Create marketing key word and art word for designer team

·         Monitoring and ​ tracking   of all information feedback from customer while we have been sending a message to them of what we have done since previously, whether we have a mistake.

·          Location dividing category to deploy POSM.(Point of sales merchandising)

·         Work out with local TV to operate AAC’s media spot

·          Market segmentation and customer classification

·         Competitor SWOT frame work analyse

·         Make decisions regarding products, such as choosing labels or packaging work on developing new products

·         Whole sale and retail managing and examining.

·         Manage distribution channels such as shops and wholesalers and retail.

·         Determine an approach to pricing and set prices for products and services

·         Develop plans for advertising, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling and sales management

·         Make decisions regarding the distribution of products (such as taking orders, warehousing, stock control and transport), manage store image or undertake direct marketing.

  1. Personal Profile Required:



·         Sales and Marketing Management Experience at least three years, particularly related to real practical on market with all aspect costumers.

Challenge with DMM activities, Distribute, Merchandising, and   Maintenances

Use to working with warehouse printing, finish good      production designer team, TV channel, and marketing supplier.

Challenge with OPM activities, Out late, Performance, and Management

·        Desire working sales activities and have sales and marketing skill from nature.



Education & Training

·         Obtained associate degree or BBA on sales and Marketing or management or relate field are prefer to

·        Knowledge Marketing major or business field relate with sale activities and promotion concept , product design and event management and customer behaviour  and marketing  insight panning strategy, Sales management , and marketing research.

·        Computer literate in MS Words, MS Excel, Window 2000 or XP and e-mail internet and Ms Outlook, Skype, viber, line, and so on, and adopt Photoshop is prefer.




  • Excellent personal attitude and self-motivation team work spirit understanding about costumer characteristic  , coordinating and communication skills, including English speaking and writing skills
  • Good interpersonal skills and young generation leadership style.
  • Communication skill
  • Flexibility, adaptability, transparency and enthusiasm

Personal Qualities

·         Honestly, high morality, devoting, hard work and smart work, and sharing culture, and team work player.

·         Ability to working  under pressure

·         Task delegation and sharing culture

·         Demonstrate high level of ethical commitment and trustworthiness

Closed Date : 29 Jan 2016

        Address: Steet Tomnop Kob Srov, Sangkat Kork Roka, Khan Preak Phnov, Phnom Penh.

        Name: P.K Light Block Co., Ltd

                       Mr. Oun Sam An

        Phone:  088 754 7112 / 096 9504 642 (Mobile)

        Email: info@bandbm.com